Know The Game Dragon Tiger – Agen Judi Casino Resmi 2014

Know The Game Dragon Tiger

The game Dragon Asian Tiger is a casino game that was first introduced in Cambodia. This game can be played at many online casinos, and the players are a fan because it is fast and simple. Also, a favorite of progressive bettors who bet frequently follow-winning card scoreboard.

Dragon Tiger played with a deck of the British Standard, ie 52 cards. Joker or wild card is not used, and most often the cards are dealt from a box (shoe) blackjack that holds six or eight decks. Unlike most casino games, the players of Dragon Tiger does not play against the dealer. Conversely, such as Baccarat, the game aims to choose exactly which players, Dragon or Tiger, who will receive the highest card. Not like Baccarat that allow the player or the banker draw additional cards, actually more like Dragon Tiger Casino War game, because only one card is dealt to position one to position the Dragon and Tiger. No additional card withdrawal.

Installing Bets

After placing a bet either the Dragon or the Tiger, the players waiting for the dealer put the cards open on the settings (layout). The highest card wins, but there are two important rules that need to be considered. First, most small aces, so the sequence of cards from lowest to highest are: As-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J- Q- K. In addition, regardless of whether the player bet on the Dragon or the Tiger position, if both positions receive a card with the same value, eg 8 8 opponents, both series (tie) and airport pick up? from each bet. Otherwise, the high card and the low card wins lost.

Casino houses will not benefit (edge​​) if not take anything from each card series, such as the example above. In total, there are 86 320 chance the result for each card-playing (hand). From that opportunity, his 6448 series that gives a 3.73% gain for the casinos on betting Dragon and Tiger. The gain is greater than Casino War, and much higher than Baccarat.

Series bet

Players can also bet on the card series, which is one of the 6,448 results from 86 320 opportunities. Standard reward for the series is 8 to 1, which gives the casino advantage is very large, ie 32.77%. If you ever play Casino War, of course we know that the betting series pays 10 to 1, with about half of the casino profits, ie 17.83%. In fact, online casinos may pay 11 to 1 and still maintain a 10.36% gain.

Bets Big and Small

Players can also bet, whether a particular card (Dragon or Tiger) would be a great card (more than seven) or Small (under seven). This bet has six cards Large (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) and six small cards (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Bets win if mounted on the right figure, Large or Small, and lose if the opposite. Bets were lost when towing a 7 card casino has an advantage of 7.69% on this bet.

Bets Suit

Players can also bet for such cards (suit) to be withdrawn (diamond, club, etc.). This bet pays 3 to 1 for such a right, and lose if such a selected does not appear on the selected card games (Dragon or Tiger). Once again, Casinos earn profit by taking bets when the card appears 7.


There is a bit of strategy to the game Dragon Tiger, but a lot of players bet last winners follow, with hopes of getting a good card that is dominated either by the position of the Dragon or Tiger. In addition, if the number of decks used offered by the online casino, and its software will indicate when the deck was shuffled, it is likely that the casino advantage is reduced by counting cards, more similar to that of the player to play blackjack at a casino table.

Players can keep track of one (or both) in such a large and a small card or to make a profit. Keep track of which played such an easiest job, because there are only four possibilities. If three out of four such more frequent than one form, it would be better if the bet is placed on the form it.

For example, if the use of the deck and 10 cards played, and everything is in the form of hearts, spades and diamonds, it is very nice when betting on such a kinky! There will be 13 cards wins and only 29 loses. If we shared all the rest of the card, we will lose 29 and win 13 bets, each and tiapnya pay 3 to 1 (39 bets), and our victory will be a total of 10 units. Players can create their own graphs to look for parameters other win on the number of decks used. Eight deck box most frequently encountered and most likely will be shuffled after four decks used.